Managed service provider

Managed service provider


Businesses have been tasked with trying to reduce the costs of their IT department while at the same increasing IT effectiveness to create zero downtime. These two conflicting problems have caused many SMB’s to look at different. Companies rely so much on their available IT resources that having any downtime during business operations would tremendously hurt the company’s ability to function. This is where Manage Service Providers (MSP) step in, by having an outside company proactively monitor the entire IT infrastructure, business’s get the benefit of having an on call dedicated IT staff and with proactive monitoring the MSP can see if a device is failing or is alerted immediately so that the situation can be remediated as quickly as possible.
Benefits of MMG Managed service provider Service:
  • Monitor Only: This is the most basic form of MSP and gives you only monitoring and updating. Your MSP will most likely patch any programs, antivirus, and OS updates for you, and will also monitor the network for problems.
  • Per Device: This is the most common pricing plan among MSP, because it is the easiest to configure for the customer. The network is accessed and there is a set price for each type of product, servers, laptops, firewalls, PDAs, ECT.
  • Tiered: This is based on the level of service agreement that you choose. MSP’s can tier their solutions in many ways, and offer different levels of support based on which tier you are in.;
  • All You Can Eat: This strategy is generally employed to larger companies that are constantly changing and need an agreement that just covers everything so they don’t have to worry about contacting the MSP to change their service contract as new users and hardware are added or subtracted from the network.

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